Friday, November 24, 2017

title pic Nude Skater Hottie

Posted by Bec on December 25, 2008

He’s just a skater boy, FTG said “see you later boy, and naked, if you please.” Hmm. It’s probably just as well For The Girls doesn’t regularly write song lyrics. Anyway, the words don’t need to rhyme when you’re perving. Shawn is a naked hottie with some great tatts and a hot body. Check out […]

title pic Reclining Beefcake Andre

Posted by Bec on December 24, 2008

Reclining Beefcake. It’s the kind of portrait Titian might have painted if he were a woman. This pic has a certain painterly elegance that belies the no-nonsense, hard and thick full frontal male nudity on display. Wouldn’t you agree, oh fellow artistic-yet-horny perver? This is Andre, by the way. He’s another fine example of the […]