Friday, November 24, 2017

title pic Beach Bum

Posted by Bec on December 27, 2008

It’s fun to collect things that get washed up on the beach. Shells, driftwood, messages in a bottle, nude guys… Marco here looks like the perfect castaway, oblivious to our prying eyes. There’s a lovely innocence to this pic, not to mention a certain artistic verve. Of course, he’s much MUCH more naked in the […]

title pic Solo Fun

Posted by Bec on December 25, 2008

Keith loves to undress, he loves getting nude and he loves being watched. In fact he enjoys nothing more than knowing the lovely ladies at ‘For The Girls’ are watching him and enjoying his hot body. Check out Keith as he disrobes and gives his hard cock a bit of a workout at For The […]

title pic Nude Skater Hottie

Posted by Bec on

He’s just a skater boy, FTG said “see you later boy, and naked, if you please.” Hmm. It’s probably just as well For The Girls doesn’t regularly write song lyrics. Anyway, the words don’t need to rhyme when you’re perving. Shawn is a naked hottie with some great tatts and a hot body. Check out […]

title pic Reclining Beefcake Andre

Posted by Bec on December 24, 2008

Reclining Beefcake. It’s the kind of portrait Titian might have painted if he were a woman. This pic has a certain painterly elegance that belies the no-nonsense, hard and thick full frontal male nudity on display. Wouldn’t you agree, oh fellow artistic-yet-horny perver? This is Andre, by the way. He’s another fine example of the […]

title pic Luscious Loving

Posted by Bec on

This stunning photoset is sooo romantic. Lush setting, candles and lots of sexy interaction between gorgeous lovers Veronica and Matt Check out the rest of this gorgeous photoset at For The Girls. Hot hot couples and sexy guys!

title pic Morning Makeout

Posted by Bec on December 23, 2008

Lucie couldn’t resist waking Marcel for some sexy early morning love making. There is nothing nicer than a good morning kiss followed by some sizzling sex to start the day. Check out the rest of this sizzling series at For The Girls The number one porn site for women.

title pic Outdoor Dalliance

Posted by Bec on

Crystal and Alan are either sharing in a private joke, or he has found her ticklish spot as they indulge in some sexy daytime fun…Crystal can’t wipe the smile off her face See the rest of this sexy photoset at For The Girls. Hot and sexy hardcore for women

title pic Afternoon Loving

Posted by Bec on December 22, 2008

Sky’s lazy afternoon sunbathing is interrupted when a pair of hairy legs appears in her line of view. Sexy Sean soon has her eager for some more passionate activities to while away a sunny day. See Sky and Sean’s sizzling afternoon delights at For The Girls – Where women come first!

title pic Sex For Breakfast

Posted by Bec on December 21, 2008

A lazy Sunday breakfast isn’t complete without a full-on fuck afterwards. Or even halfway through the flapjacks, for that matter. Amylee and James here let their lusty hunger get the better of them as the coffee goes cold. See more of this sexy and romantic photo set at For The Girls.

title pic Early Morning Nookie

Posted by Bec on December 20, 2008

George wakes up next to Katerina feeling a little frisky. Some passionate kissing and lusty clit licking soon has her in the mood for a bit of early morning nookie These pics and thousands more gorgeous couples pics are at For The Girls – Hardcore for women

title pic Hot and Hard Loving

Posted by Bec on

Stacey and David are feeling extremely horny and can’t keep their hand off each other. They kiss, suck and lick each other like there is no tomorrow and the sex is hot and hard. See this fabulous hardcore photoset at For The Girls – Sizzling erotica for women.