Friday, November 24, 2017

title pic Movies for Her: Stripped

Posted by Bec on January 20, 2012

Strip away inhibitions. Strip away rules. Strip away the artifice. Let your guard fall and discover the passion that makes your heart pulse. It’s time to dive in and get real! Get ready to be stripped down to the basics – that private lust shared deeply by two people intoxicated within each others’ bodies! Watch […]

title pic Fantasy Sex

Posted by Bec on December 10, 2010

WhoreLore is the first fantasy adult website of its kind to extend stories of sorcery, swords, and fantasy worlds a step further with sex! Take an erotic journey through the fantasy world while watching skilled assassins, Amazonian Warriors, sexy elven warriors and fierce mages fight and fuck their way to protect their homeland. WhoreLore is […]

title pic Swords Sorcery and Sex: WhoreLore

Posted by Bec on March 15, 2009

In the endless age of porn, you’ve got one fantasy hardcore place you can visit and become lost… it’s Whore Lore, where an escape to a land far from reality turns into fantastic fantasy fucking! You’ll find earthy women who search for sex, and they don’t think twice about slaying the bad guys! Come and […]

title pic Room Service

Posted by Bec on

Alana is feeling a little horny alone in a hotel room, and the gardening book she is reading isn’t really doing it for her. She orders in room service and is very pleased when a hunky waiter arrives. So pleased in fact that she invites him in for some “personal” room service of her own.Check […]

title pic Nasty Sluts Take Advantage Of Salesman

Posted by Bec on March 13, 2009

Nasty girls Cindy and Kaitlynn are sitting around in the lounge, bored and dressed in their sluttiest outfits but with no where to go. Luckily for them, just at that moment a hunky vacuum cleaner salesman comes to the door. It’s hardcore porn stud John West, and his eyes light up in anticipation as soon […]