Friday, November 24, 2017

title pic Movies for Her: Surrender to Lust

Posted by Bec on January 27, 2012

Everyone has needs. Every person desires. Some are up front for all to see… But the lust that simmers underneath, threatening to bubble over, and the cries of passion unfulfilled, remain locked up, yearning to be set free by powers so strong, we must consent to unconditional surrender. Let yourself go! Set your passions free! […]

title pic Movies for Her: Stripped

Posted by Bec on January 20, 2012

Strip away inhibitions. Strip away rules. Strip away the artifice. Let your guard fall and discover the passion that makes your heart pulse. It’s time to dive in and get real! Get ready to be stripped down to the basics – that private lust shared deeply by two people intoxicated within each others’ bodies! Watch […]