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title pic Lust On The Couch

Posted by Bec on November 15, 2015

Brad and Alison in Lust on the Couch

A sunny day, a garden couch, and a handsome man with a guitar. It’s a lovely fantasy… but there’s so much more to see here! Like the way Brad eagerly gets on his knees and licks her clit like his life depends on it. And then there’s Alison, straddling his cock and slowly lowering herself down. Not to mention the way this couple can’t keep their eyes off each other during this seriously intense lovemaking session…

title pic Poolside Passion

Posted by Bec on December 22, 2014

Pic: Jassie and Brent fuck beside the pool.

The day is warm, the sun is shining and the pool looks inviting. So naturally Jassie and Brent decide to make love outdoors. Brent goes down, licking her clit until she begs him to fuck her from behind.

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title pic Straight & Latin: Authentic Footballers

Posted by Bec on December 20, 2014

As a professional paid reviewer, I get to go inside a ton of paysites every year, and it’s nice to find sites that actually have a new angle and truly fresh hot content. I stumbled over such a site a few weeks back: Authentic Footballers.

Authentic Footballers

It’s a delightful site packed with hot straight latin men who really are, or were, pro football players in South America. The site gives you videos and photo sets and a bit of history on each player, his stats, when he played, shots of team photos and more. Here’s a little collage I rigged up of one of the players: Ariel.

Ariel of Authentic Footballers

So if you’re in the mood for a little latin heat as these guys strip down and jerkoff for the camera … check out Authentic Footballers today!

title pic Hot Erotic Sex in the Shower

Posted by Bec on November 29, 2014

He washes her, her caresses her, he makes love to her.. Click here to see more.

Romantic Quote Of The Day…..

…our faces were pressed together while we watched, she would move her lips to mine in passing and torment me with furtive kisses….
Titus Petronius Arbiter (Petronius) From the Satyricon

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title pic Blue Eyes and Amazing Body

Posted by Bec on October 31, 2014

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title pic The Repairman

Posted by Bec on September 27, 2014

Sipping her coffee, Cindy returned to her manuscript, but glanced over when she caught him removing his shirt in her peripheral vision. His body was muscled and sculpted. The two backyards were so close she could see the sweat glistening on his back. Stretching and working his muscles, he bent and removed his shorts, causing Cindy to gasp at seeing his naked body in all its sinewy glory. He bent to get a tube out of a bag, and Cindy caught a glimpse of his semi-hard penis. She suddenly realized she was holding her breath and let it out slowly.

He rubbed lotion on his upper body and then on his legs, reaching strong arms around to reach as much of his back as he could. When he’d finished, he spread a beach towel across the chair and stretched out to absorb some rays. As Cindy drew quick, quiet breaths, she watched his hand snake down to his lap, where he began to sensuously rub himself.

Her manuscript forgotten, Cindy let her coffee get cold, unable to pull her eyes away from the sexy scene in her neighbor’s yard. She’d never been a voyeur before, and found the experience extremely arousing. Her eyes fluttered closed as he continued his steady stroking, his penis hardening and growing in his hand. Cindy realized she’d stopped breathing altogether when her body forced her to take a quick gulp of air.

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title pic Vikki and Bobby

Posted by Bec on September 26, 2014

Vikki and Bobby share some wine and some raunchy lovemaking

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title pic Jenna and Mark

Posted by Bec on September 25, 2014

Jena and Mark meet for an afternoon of unbridled passion.

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title pic Jay

Posted by Bec on September 24, 2014

Male stripper Jay is not afraid to get his clothes off. Anywhere! Jay gets naked on the balcony and shows off the assets that made him so popular on stage

title pic New at For The Girls

Posted by Bec on September 23, 2014

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Urban Friction – Perhaps the hottest threesome scene ever
Dangerous Liaisons – Sex in Public
Feast – Hot.Oral.Sex
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Katie and Adrian – Passionate loving and afterglow

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title pic Peter

Posted by Bec on September 22, 2014

Blonde, blue eyes, chiselled jawline and an amazing body!

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title pic Knots and Knots

Posted by Bec on September 21, 2014

Sam kissed his way down the middle of my chest, pausing to brush his lips across the swell of each breast. He tugged at the bikini straps with his teeth. I arched and wiggled to give him more access.

“Let me tie you up,” he whispered.

I froze there under him, both uncertain and excited. “What did you say?”

“You heard me.”

“Why in the world would you want to do that?”

Sam lifted my wrists over my head. He pinned me down as his tongue played games with my lips. Soon I was breathing hard, just as hard as he was. The delicious weight of his hands on my wrists turned me on. He knew exactly what kind of convincing he was doing, and I finally laughed out loud against his mouth.

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title pic Broken Vows

Posted by Bec on September 20, 2014

“Just say the word and I will take you home. If not I am going to take you to my apartment and make love to you.” Robert said softly bringing her fingers to his lips.

“I want you.”

They drove in silence to his apartment several blocks away. Adriana was scared but also excited. Things had been bad with Timothy for 3 of the 7 years they had been married and she couldn’t remember the last time they had made love. She decided that sex with Robert was exactly what she needed. Robert helped Adriana up to his apartment and sat her down on the end of his king size bed. He stood before her at the foot of the bed and undressed. First his jacket, then his tie, his shirt, his belt. Adriana reached out to unfasten his slacks. She clumsily pulled them down his trim hips and gazed longingly at the huge erection concealed by his underwear. Her small delicate hand ran up and down the shaft and then she pulled the briefs down and let it spring free.

Robert’s cock was much larger than Timothy’s and Adriana excitedly took it into her mouth. She swallowed the enormous tool all the way to the back of her throat and sucked it greedily. She took it out of her mouth and ran her tongue from the base to the head and back several times, sucking and licking at every marvelous inch.

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title pic Blindfold

Posted by Bec on September 19, 2014

‘Dress as daringly as you can. I’ll pick you up at ten.” That’s all he had told me; so I sat, waiting patiently in my lacy black mini dress and red stilettoes, wondering what he would have in store for me this time.

I wasn’t expecting the length of black silk that he tied securely around my eyes as he helped me into the car. As I opened my mouth to question him, I was rewarded with a sharp “Don’t speak!” from him, and I fell silent. Naked underneath my dress, my pussy already felt hot and moist against my thighs, and I shifted on the leather seat in anticipation.

He helped me out of the car and through a door into a room with low throbbing music; guiding me by sharp tugs on my ponytail. I could feel strange hands on me as I walked awkwardly through what felt like a crowd of people; on my thighs, my breast and my ass. Although embarrassed, my pussy tightened and throbbed. A strange hand grazed the lace over my breasts and I felt my nipples stiffen in sweet response.’

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title pic New Erotica at For The Girls

Posted by Bec on September 18, 2014

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Me And My Penis – How penis size can affect self esteem
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